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This artwork is a serene landscape painting depicting a tranquil autumn scene by a reflective body of water. The scene is dominated by trees in various stages of fall foliage, ranging from golden yellows and earthy oranges to muted reds and purples. The trees, some of which are bare, arch over the water, their branches and foliage creating a dense, lush canopy. The water below mirrors the colors and forms of the trees, contributing to the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the painting. The composition has a dreamy, almost misty quality, with soft, blended colors that enhance the tranquil and contemplative mood of the scene. Overall, the painting exudes a sense of quiet reflection and the gentle beauty of nature in autumn.


Comes framed in an antique gold floater frame.

20 x 30 x 1.5"


Contact the Artist at (609) 758-3022


Up Creek

  • 20 x 30 x 1.5"

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